Let Your Denver Pets Stay Inside July 4th!

Did you know that July 5th is one of the busiest days of the year for animal shelters all over the country? The reason is because pet owners sometimes underestimate how their pets will react to the loud fireworks going off around them and many pets are found after having run away from their homes. Regardless of whether or not your pet has shown any sign of fear towards fireworks before, you just never know how they will react. For those pets that are afraid, their instinct is to run and try to get away from the loud noises and if they are not restrained or on a leash, they could end up lost.


“We make sure that we have our diffusers going to help keep our dogs relaxed and calm during the festivities. Here are a few essential oils blends that may help your furry friends.

Peace & Calming


Stress Away



Peace & Calming and Lavender together have worked well for us. Try some different combos and see what works for you and your pets. And if your babies don’t have to be outside on the 4th, let them stay inside. 🙂”

*also worth a mention is a blend specifically formulated for pets called T-Away to aid with emotional stress

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