Athena /aka Aspen Gets Adopted

IMG_4223What a weekend!  After reviewing quite a few applications for Athena, the German Shepard mix, that was rescued from a Hobbs, New Mexico shelter, we found one applicant that seemed a perfect fit. She is pretty high energy and needed a home that would be pretty active and ideally have a canine companion to keep her company.

So….Saturday Madelaine Ross and Wesley Marcik came over to my house to meet Athena.  They drove all the way down from Fort Collins with their dog Brady, just to meet her.  The dogs hit it off great and Athena was adopted on the spot.

When I told Gavin, my son, the great news I could see he was a little shocked that she was leaving.  He had really enjoyed playing with and caring for her.  I could tell he was pretty sad to see her go, but then I reminded him that he had helped save 3 puppies in one month and that was something he could be proud of.  I told him that now that she found her forever home, we would have room to do it again sometime.  He puffed up a little, it seemed to click and he cheered up.  The whole process has been a great learning experience for both of us.

I asked Madelaine the next day how the puppy was doing and she said that “Aspen” was doing great and loving all the attention.  I’m very happy we made a great match and look forward to doing it again after I catch up on some much needed sleep.