Donation to International Hearing Dog, Inc.

We recently donated to International Hearing Dog, Inc., and received this thank you letter! What a wonderful cause! This non-profit’s mission “…is to train dogs to assist persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, with and without multiple disabilities, at no cost to the recipient.” It is truly a great feeling to know that our donations are going to such a worthy cause. To discover more about the organization, please visit their website:

Halloween Pet Safety Tips

We hope you all had a very Happy Halloween! These are a few tips to keep in mind for next Halloween and even for the upcoming holidays. As you add new things to your pet’s environment such as decorations, new food, and guests, be careful of anything that may be potentially hazardous to them.

Happy Holidays!

Donation to Denver Animal Shelter

We recently donated to Denver Animal Shelter, and received this lovely letter in return! We love knowing how our donations truly make a difference. If you are a Denver resident, make sure you visit Denver Animal Shelter if you are in search of a new pet! All of these animals are looking for their lifelong homes and cannot do it without your help.

If interested in adopting a new pet, please look into Denver Animal Shelter! They have an amazing team and do so many great things for their animals.