Breaking News! Guest Posting = Free Content

I hope you “like” this video. It seemed appropriate for this south west Denver pet friendly site. I plan on going to the dog park today even though it’s freezing. I just hope I can keep him out of the ponds, I swear, Jack is part otter!

I get distracted on Saturdays, sorry about that,

Today, I was going to share some wonderful news about a new Guest Blogging = Free Content website I founded named Blog Trading Post.

You see I was minding my own business listing to music and inbound linking for my 50 clients one day this summer, when a giant saber tooth Google Panda came out of the woods with the taste of ink in it’s mouth and decided to completely up root my job description.

It seems this Google Panda and it’s buddy the dreaded vampire Google Penguin, no longer have a taste for relevant niche based directory linking and prefer excellent 100% original quality content blog type reading. I quickly realized that I needed to connect the dots between guest bloggers and blog web sites immediately, to continue my employment.

If you are a business owner or web site owner with a blog (and you should be). Please put your site on the list. The Post Your Blog tab is fairly easy to find.

As the administrator of Blog Trading Post I find it very difficult to pretend user experience, so if you do happen to visit I really want critical feedback. Please comment or contact me and tell me what is confusing, frustrating, what is ugly, and what is missing. Have fun slamming me! I can take it.

I built it on the KISS principle. I really want to keep it simple stupid, so I only built 4 pages. Two of the pages are for postings the other 2 are information and I have seriously considered removing them. RAMBLING, Sorry, Please come register and post your site or throw up a guest blog title at Blog Trading Post.

Oh! and Check out this hilarious post on The Upper Deck!  What do the 70’s remind you of? Or are you too young?  Told you I was distracted on Saturdays…oh look a squirrel!