Caring For The Home Alone Dog

Dogs are great companions and quickly become part of the family with their unconditional love. However, one of the major problems of keeping a pet dog is when you have to go out. Whether its work or a trip, leaving the family dog back home can be unsafe if not done properly. If it’s a small trip you can think of taking your pet with you by booking a pet friendly hotel. However, more often than not taking your pet with you is not really an option, especially if it’s a business trip. In that case, it’s important to create a safe environment for your dog back home. To help you with that we have come with some tips that can keep both your dog and your furniture safe.


Hire help:

Dogs tend to get depressed when they are alone. To avoid this you can hire a Denver dog-sitter or you can even ask your friend to stay with the dog when you are away. Just make sure the person you hire genuinely loves dogs and will take of your pet the way you would. Besides feeding and walking, ask the person also to play with the dog every now and then. Remember, most dogs start chewing stuff around the house out of sheer boredom. So keeping them engaged will not only keep the dog happy but also keep your furniture safe. It’s also important to keep the person entertained as well. Give him or her access to the television or the music player.


Leave enough food and water:

This might seem like an obvious advice, but we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping enough food and water for your dog. Apart from keeping a huge stock of one type of food, its best to keep a variety of food in smaller quantities. If you are picking up dog food from the market, get different brands and flavor. Dogs get bored of eating the same food everyday and can easily skip a meal or two. Keep a mix of food, and treats. This will ensure that the dog is well-fed preventing unnecessary cravings. You can also buy one of the many food toys available in the market. These toys keep dogs engaged and satiate their craving to forage for food. Ask the person taking care of the dog to put the food out following the usual timing. It’s also important to keep the water bowl full at all the times. Most dogs meet their daily water requirements by having it all throughout the day and sometimes even nights.



Dogs have a very different digestive system from humans. So keeping your food away from the dogs reach is crucial. With you not around, the dog will have enough spare time to forage for food. So keep food items locked up or on high shelves and be sure to keep poisonous substances out of the dogs reach. Maintain a folder containing emergency contact numbers of Vets in your area. Keep all the documents including vaccination reports and medical history in the same folder. Lastly ensure the folder is easily accessible. Ensure the person taking care of the dog is prepared to take the necessary steps during an emergency.

*Guest Author:  Joanne Miller wrote the above blog for us.  She has vast experience caring for animals of all kinds.  Thanks Joanne!