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EZ as 1-2-3

Pet Bed 2Have you been searching for the perfect bed for your pet? Chances are, you have gone to the pet store and found pet beds that would be comfy enough for your animal to sleep on, but that weren’t the most stylish and didn’t match with your existing home décor. Look no further!

At EZ Living Home, they cater to your pets needs while adding a stylish touch to your house. And the best part is, the bed matches the home decorations that are also offered on their website. Home decorations by EZ Home Living include pillows and window curtains that have the same design that you picked for your pet bed. This gives your pet the comfort that they deserve and the style needed to put that finishing touch on your house.

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Denver Pet Adoptions

Here is a neutered male cat that adopted us. We had him looked at and he appears to be in good overall health, though he appears to have been fending for himself for a while. He is very friendly, good with kids, and has decided our 80lb yellow lab is a rubbing stool. He purrs a lot and loves being petted. If anyone knows of a good home please pass this along. Mike Mahoney   303-507-1118

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Pet Friendly Decorating

Homeowners love their pets so keep them in mind when designing your home. Inspiration comes in many forms; why not choose colors and style that match your pet. The space will be more appealing to your furry friend while allowing your personal style to shine through. Ensuring a warm place for your pet is also key, it keeps them secure and a space they can call their own.

Floors are probably the biggest investment you have when it comes to your pet inside the home so consider hard wood verses carpet. Carpet absorbs odors, stains and gets really dirty over time. Laminate is better because it’s more durable and it makes it easier to clean up any accidents left by Fido. Tile is also an excellent choice; especially during the summer months your pet will love the coolness of the floor they can’t find anywhere else.

Denver Dog Watcher
Denver Dog Watcher

Another great home decorating tip is to use semigloss paint on all the walls. Just like children, pets get into things they may end up on the walls. Dirt, drool and grime are much easier to clean up than matte or flat finishes. So keep your walls looking new and fresh with high gloss or semigloss paint.

Entryways create a gathering place for you and your pet, keep items close to the door for easy access. Hang some decorative hooks on the wall for leashes, collars and coats. This will not only keep you organized it also save you time from running around the house looking for them.

Pets love to sit and sleep next to their owners, make sure your furniture or bed area is up for the task. Don’t buy high-end furniture you don’t want ruined. Cats and dogs will more than likely want to jump up to be where you are. Unless they are disciplined enough to stay down, try investing in washable fabrics or easy to clean microfibers. Bedding also needs to be washed regularly to avoid dirt and mites.

By far one of the best ways to keep your home looking fresh and clean is keeping your pet fresh and clean. Groom them regularly, this will keep the shedding hair to a minimum and nails should be kept short to avoid scratched floors or furniture. Pet hair seems to get on everything, any place your pet has been, so important to vacuum floors, sweep and mop areas they reside in a lot.

Littleton Dog Sitting
Littleton Dog Sitting

Design with pets in mind will make your home a much happier place for you and your pet. Keep them happy with colorful toys and lots of playtime. If you pet is highly active be sure to keep knickknacks well out of range. Make your home safe and secure for you and pet for years to come.

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