Cats and Kids – A Moving Homeowner’s Biggest Challenge

Cats and kids ñ homeowner's biggest challenge2As a homeowner there are just a few things to think about when planning a move, ok….about a million.  Moving companies are not used to going the extra mile and planning for moving your pets or kids.
If you have your fair share of furry friends or little ’uns, then expect to have to make a few rearrangements to sort out keeping them entertained or looked after as you deal with the move itself!

If you are a parent and pet owner (or collector even!) then you need to sort out arrangements for your beloved animals and for your children to be looked after and taken care of, on the day of the move.  As many who work in the removals industry, will say, quoting the film industry saying, “never work with animals or children”! Pets can’t travel in the removal vans (it’s not like there is room for them to, and could be a distraction to the driver!), so you’re going to have to come up with a suitable solution of keeping them out of the way whilst you deal with the immediate issue of getting everything unpacked and arranged in the move over to your new home.

It’s best to have youngsters out of the way, since it’s not the best idea to have small children running amok around the house as the workmen go back and forth to the removal van to shift your possessions. Find a way of keeping them entertained isn’t going to be a possibility either so it’s no wonder that it is best for children to be left with a friend, neighbor or family member, until it is time for them to join you at your new home. Leaving them in your car or the van just isn’t feasible or sensible, so unfortunately for you, you’re going to need to find someone to take them off your hands for a little while! Day care centres, play centres or paying someone to babysit them, might be the best option.

For pets, ask a friend or relative take care of them (although you might need to bribe them with chocolate and wine too!) during the time you expect to need them absent during the move. You could have them booked into a local kennel or cattery or ask a sitting service like Pet and People Sitters to help you. Don’t forget to make sure they have identity tags with their new address on them, so you don’t worry about them should they get free.  Make sure they have had the right injections etc. to be around other animals, if you choose to house them in a cattery/kennels this will be a requirement.Cats and kids ñ homeowner's biggest challenge

With the children out of the way and the pets catered for, you can get on with the rigours and tasks of the day. Thankfully there will be less to fret and worry over with them out of the picture for the time being, so you can focus more fully on the job at hand of getting everything across to your new home and unpacked and sorted before the house becomes full of the noise and chaos that you’d expect from a lively household!

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