Colorado Prison Inmate Dog Training Program

kari-s-683x1024Recently I have been fostering dogs from the kill shelters in New Mexico.  I asked my mentor, Becky,  “What happens if I get a dog I can’t handle?”  She said that Kari Solberg, with Colorado Canine Rescue, can take them and train them herself.  Kari trained with Cesar Millan at the Dog Psychology Center in California. She went to the dog whisperer’s school to learn how to train dogs professionally and has since opened her own training company here in Denver Colorado.

The other more indepth option is to hand the dog over to the prisoner dog training program.  Basically they have convicts spend the large amount of time and energy it takes to get a dog socialized and confident after being in a poor, neglectful, often abusive environment.

They sent me this video link to kind of explain the program.  Got a kleenex?