Dogs Getting Poisoned in Denver

I saw this news story about some poisoned dogs last night.  I really hate to blog about these kinds of sad, negative things, but I also feel obligated…so here goes.

Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue posted the following:

“This is literally in our backyard, so please keep a look out for some sicko who is baiting dogs. We really need to catch them. Here is a picture of the rat poison laced hamburger that killed the 2 boxers.”
Madison and Monroe RIP.

“It is with great sadness that we share the loss of both Monroe and Madison this past week. As you all know, the “Biggies” were with HoBo as puppies and returned again as seniors. These two had never been apart and were not getting adopted quickly so one of our amazing fosters took them in and has given them a fantastic life the past 9 months, for which we are ever so grateful. It is important to share what happened to Monroe and Madison so we understand better, but also protect our own dogs. While we originally thought Madison passed due to a medical condition, we have since learned that she, and unfortunately Monroe as well, were poisoned with d-Con rodent poison in a pile of food that was put by someone in their pasture in Adams County, near 144th and Colorado. This has been very traumatic for everyone and we have so much pain in our hearts for Monroe and Madison, but we loved them dearly and know that they are running free now. All parties involved are currently working with authorities to thoroughly investigate the situation. Due to this, we cannot share details and ask that you do not ask us to, as these are questions we just can’t answer yet. We will update you as we are allowed. However, we do ask that you share this information with friends and other rescues to protect our dogs. This is also being reported to the media to get the message out. We ask that you respectfully share information and don’t jump to conclusions, for we want to ensure we are cooperating with authorities helping us with this matter.

There will be a brief story tonight on Fox 31 at 5pm. If you notice anything like this in your yard or any dead animals (wild or domestic) near this area, please contact Adams County Sheriffs Department.”

Here is another possible recent attack that was thwarted just a few days earlier. 

“A bag full of hotdogs filled with a white powder was found by one of our client’s in their yard yesterday. Their dog passed away last month from eating something similar. If you live in the area around Wadsworth and Hampden, be sure to keep a lookout and keep you pets safe! If you find something suspicious be sure to remove it, contact your local police department and have it sent in for testing.”

Keep your pets safe!