How Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Everyone wants to wear a perfect smile but you can confidently smile only if you your teeth are white. Whitening the teeth using proper teeth whitening products or kits is not just effective but also safe.

Durango Teeth WhiteningMost people purchasing teeth whitening products want to understand how they really work. After all, in this information age, people not only desire to get the results from the product they are using, but also want to know how these products do their magic.

Most products for teeth whitening, particularly those classified as bleaches, are made from a chemical base called peroxide. Peroxide is known to whiten teeth. Accurate and specific formulations of peroxide are mixed into these products. There is also bleach made from hydrogen peroxide while others are made from carbamide peroxide. The precise mechanism through which peroxide works in teeth whitening is what is known as oxidation.  Peroxide that is quite unstable has the effect of oxidizing things. It tries to get in contact with oxygen and in its search for that additional oxygen it should stabilize.

The stains that you seek to get rid of when looking to whiten your teeth are underneath the enamel covering the tooth. You can’t simply eliminate stains in your teeth with ordinary toothpaste. Therefore, you need a chemical that is capable of penetrating the outer covering of your teeth to be able to reach the inner parts where the stains are residing. The bleaching agent should do without causing damage to the outer covering. It is carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide that is found to possess these properties.

You can then say that teeth whitening products which work by bleaching do so by penetrating safely the outer covering of the tooth for the stains to be reached and have them oxidized, leaving the teeth looking pearly white. Although bleaching may be the most commonly used strategy in whitening teeth, it is not the only available method that teeth whitening products and kits work by.

There are many other teeth whitening products typically used with the help of a dental professional that work by for instance, bonding or veneering the teeth. The idea is to mask the types of teeth staining that cannot be bleached away simply. They can be used also by people who do not prefer using bleaches, seeing that there are some vestigial controversies surrounding the safety of using bleaches in teeth whitening. And though they may appear or sound to be rudimentary, the truth is that veneer and bonding agents are more often effective and can give better results than bleaches.

The market is so filled with tons of teeth whitening products and kits that it is important to pay special attention to the way the product works in order for you to know if it can really provide you with the results you are looking to have after trying out the product.

This blog was provided by Dr. Jeff Nelson, a family dentist in Durango, Colorado.  Learn more about teeth whitening and these Durango dental professionals by visiting their website.