It’s Puppy Pick Up Day!

PuppypowerReady or not here they come!

I have been getting pretty involved in this group that’s importing dogs to Colorado by the truck load.  If you are interested in providing a foster home please let me know.  You basically commit to hanging out with a canine until you can find a permanent home life for it.

There is a team of people to help with puppy sitting, marketing, transportation, really, what ever comes up….

They are a small group of saints / volunteers committed to saving the lives of the Lea county Hobbs and Lovington dogs. They are in the process of creating a new program and getting more local folks involved, but in the mean time we have a small but extremely dedicated group of folks that are committed to saving lives! We are running our transports through Lea county Humane Society which is a recognized 501c3. We have an internal transport system built into our shelter.  In addition to finding some wonderful adopters for our dogs locally.

Screen shot 2016-01-16 at 12.09.00 PMI chose this guy this time around.  I really don’t know much about him. He was apparently an abandoned pet.  They think he is a Golden mix about 2 years old.  They did say he is good with kids and other animals, so I thought we should give him another chance to find a permanent family.  If you know of anyone willing to give him his forever home, please encourage them to reach out and adopt him. (so that we can save another pup:)