Our 5th Foster Dog Got Adopted!

IMG_2987Jake, our 5th foster dog was adopted this weekend!

New Mexico Foster Dog with Green Laser Eyes

We drove him over to meet the Grahams on Saturday afternoon.  I was excited to see that they had a huge yard and a lot of open space to run and play in the neighborhood.

We hung out for a while and then walked him around the block.  He tugged a little, but I explained that he probably had very little leash training, being a stray from New Mexico.

Luke Settling in Nicely

Janine, Terry, Abbey and Becca and a bunch of their neighbor friends fell in love with him the minute they met him. I think they wanted him right then and there, however, we have to keep the foster dogs at our house for a minimum of 10 days just to confirm that they are healthy and well adjusted.

He was very lucky and had his first interview after only 7 days in Colorado!  The meet and greet went great and we decided to bring him over permanently on Friday.  I think they were going to rename him Luke, which suits him nicely. Friday came and Gavin and I dropped him off after school.  We slipped away pretty quickly to avoid any separation anxiety drama.IMG_2989

Anyway,  we were a little sad, but extremely happy and super proud of the great people that live in Colorado this weekend.