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Denver Pet Sitter Fall Photo Shoot
Denver Pet Sitter Fall Photo Shoot

As the acting webmaster here at the Pet and People Sitters head quarters, I have been begging for content, head shots, photos, and video for the last year.  I have been craving all the stuff that creates interest and traffic for a great website about Denver house and pet sitting.  Occasionally I get a wonderful surprise that brightens my day, and today my friends, is one of those days.

You see, I just received a disc of photos from a recent photo shoot.

Upon closer inspection I was amazed at the quality of the photography here. I think Michele should get the one above printed on canvas! It’s stunning!

Anyway, it was such a pleasant surprise I just had to share it. (I need to ask Michele who the photographer was on this shoot, he certainly deserves credit.  I promise to get his name and post it ASAP (with his blessing of course)).

We are considering having a portrait party to get some quality photos of you and your pets this coming year.  Apparently we found a great photographer, now we just need some great pets.  I think it will be this spring sometime soon at Wynetka Ponds Dog Bark Park, but stay tuned for the details as they evolve.

We have also planned a photo and blog contest for March, so if you are interested in guest blogging, on this website please feel free to contact us and we can help you get started.