Return of the Foster Dogs

Here is an update on the Colorado Canine Rescue dogs I transported the other weekend.

Out of nowhere the foster mom had to go into back surgery this Friday.   I raised my hand to help out and Amy Taylor brought Sasha and Athena back to my house on Saturday morning.  Of course they got sick on the way over, so Amy got to clean her kennel and I got to bath the dogs again.  Luckily it was a nice hot day and they seemed to enjoy it. Sasha was scheduled to meet a family that afternoon, so Dan Gordon picked her up and took her to her meet and greet.  Apparently it went really well and she was adopted on the spot, which is a rare occurrence.

20150801_201223I now have Athena staying with me.  She has had a few applications submitted so we just need to do some background checks, introductions and hope for the best.  She is very smart and alert. She would make a great companion and watch dog.

Keep your fingers crossed.