Suzy and Ricky Need a Home!

This couple was spotted checking out the real estate in a Denver neighborhood. Hopping from house to house, scoping out square footage and dreaming of open floor plans. Ricky forgot to look both ways before crossing and ran right into the side of a car! Luckily a caring homeowner saw what happened and called us to help him back on his feet. Thankfully he was uninjured and we were able to reunite him with Suzy the following day. Ricky is full of energy and ready to explore while Suzy is calm and a stickler for details. Maybe your home is the one they have been searching for!

Name: SUZY                             RICKY
DOB:   JANUARY 2015          JANUARY 2016
Sex:     FEMALE                       MALE
Breed: MIX                               MIX
Color: BLACK                           MULTI BROWNS
Index: 17-106                             17-105

To view adoption procedures, please visit and consider giving these two cuties a home!