Teleradiology Solutions

Teleradiology doesn’t have a location and it can be done virtually anywhere. It’s  the classic professional art of transmitting and analyzing patient images, such as MRIs, x-rays , CAT scans from one location to another which could be miles apart. This undoubtedly is an important achievement and a solid milestone in modern medical history. At present teleradiology  has plunged a far distance ahead of the common radiology. It is a reality that there’s a vast improvement in medical science. When we live in a century of this nature technology service should come to us in a handy manner.

teleradiology services
Teleradiology Services

The professionally qualified doctor to whom you and go is not at all a magician. We could clearly tell him the symptoms of our illness yet, most of the time you are saddled with a list of medical tests which you have to show him at the next visit.  Based on the information given there your illness would be diagnosed.  A doctor is not someone who has a vision of  an x-ray.  He can not do a diagnose based on symptoms alone.  This is where teleradiology becomes so vital.  This fantastic system allows for trained professionals to be at your service 24/7.  What an awesome breakthrough has come into light through the teleradiology system.

Through teleradiology, images can be sent to another part of the building, or to some other location as the case may be.  On one hand it’s a system of passing information in double quick time and on the other hand many reports could be analyzed just by sitting at one desk.  The most typical implementation are two computers connected via internet.  The process commences at the image station.  The image is scanned and sent via network connection to the receiving end.

teleradiology solutions
Teleradiology Solutions

Now, let’s face facts, without any any  type of hide and seek play.  The much needed reports on different types of tests are vital to a doctor to do his diagnosis in a proper manner.  He depends on the word of the radiology department. Let’s face it, the doctors deeply need the high technology and the service of the radiology departments expertise to quickly and definitively diagnose the x-ray results.

What teleradiologists have at their desks are fully equipped computers with a 24/7 panel of service oriented teams of professionals.  These professionals are highly trained to read digital images. Dr’s don’t always have the time or advanced expertise to make a complete analysis and on occasion need a second opinion of the digital scans. The career of one of these professionals is not an easy one. They are professionals outsourced by a radiology department. This usually happens with MTI’s, CAT scans, PET scans and ultrasounds. If the doctor says they need to  look further into the outcome and that they will be in touch with you in a few days, they are probably outsourcing the films. Basically, if you need a second opinion the best thing to do is outsource to another medical professional.

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