Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Have you decided to take the plunge and welcome a dog to your family? While not the same as a child, bringing a dog home certainly requires plenty of planning and care. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for a successful homecoming for your first pet. Decide first if you’ll elect for a rescue dog that’s somewhat older or a pure bred dog that is a puppy. Both bring challenges and rewards.

Prepare your home and garden for a new dog. If you’d like to block off certain rooms with a baby gate while training the dog, it’s best to complete this before bringing the dog home. All dogs like to have a space of their own. More often than not this can be achieved by purchasing a dog crate and adding old towels for matting. A leash, dog tags with name and contact information, dog bowls and dog food should complete your immediate needs inside. If the dog will spend time in the yard, be sure it is either fenced or you’ve taken advantage of the deals offered by Groupon coupons and selected a wireless perimeter fence from Have these installed and be familiar with the instructions prior to bringing your dog home.

Plan to spend plenty of time at the shelter to select a dog. Be prepared to return several times until one “speaks” to you. Enlist the assistance of shelter staff to aid you in your search. Let them know what you’re looking for in terms of size and temperament as well as the conditions at your home. Is it large or small, full of people or quiet? This will help them identify the perfect dog for you. When you bring your dog home, go slow and have patience. This is a new environment and they’re more than likely going to be petrified. Let your dog explore on their own and show it the crate. This will be their safe haven for the first few weeks. Congratulation on your first dog!