Update on Current Foster Dog

20160120_093257We are fostering another abandoned pup from New Mexico. As luck would have it, we really picked a great dog this time.  It turns out he was neutered the day before they thew him in the truck for his long journey north.  I can’t imagine the pain and discomfort, let alone the fear he must have been experiencing on his trip.  When I picked him up he had to pee like a race horse and was super thirsty.  I took him home, gave him some water and tried to keep him mellow.

Mellow is easier said than done at my house.  I have a rescue dog Stubbs, who would not leave him alone. He quickly let Stubbs know that he needed some space.  I had him stay in the crate that night to feel safe and not be bothered.20160120_090311

He is very sweet and has not had any accidents in the house.  He does need to learn boundaries regarding furniture and food.  He is incredibly smart and has a great nose.  Gavin, my son, wanted to name him Jake and I was thinking Bowie.  Gavin won.

20160120_090257Jake already has a “meet and greet” date with a nice family near Chatfield State Park Saturday afternoon.  I think he has an excellent chance of finding his forever home.

Wish him luck!