We Got Our New Puppy From Colorado Canine Rescue!


57c5ee60-8080-4ee6-8049-a1eb66d4c763We finally found a puppy! His name is Stubbs and we think he is a corgidor.  What is a Corgidor you ask? A Corgidor is a cross between a labrador retriever and a corgi.  Stubbs is a little black dog that looks like a mini black lab.

We got him from Colorado Canine Rescue.  I heard that they had just received a litter of puppies from somewhere in Kansas. They had received 3 puppies from a shelter, 2 females and a male, Mindy, Stubbs and Molly.  Molly is a spaniel looking corgi mutt. She is very active and curious.

Mindy and Stubbs look alot alike.  Short, black and kind of stubby.  Mindy just has a regular lab looking tail. She is a little bit more timid than Stubbs.  Stubbs is pretty fearless.


We really are not sure if he’s going to be big or not, but if has pretty big paws.  The dogs all seem smart and healthy.  The foster mom, Amy, took them to the vet and they got a check up.  The vet said that they are healthy and ready to find a forever home.

The puppy adoption fees are $225 and then you have to put $50 dollars down as the neuter deposit.  When they are neutered / spayed you get the $50 bucks back.

I forgot how hard it is to have a puppy, it’s like having a baby.  He is into everything!  He’s wearing me out, but he seems to be adjusting slowly but surely. I did have to puppy proof the fence a little more because he found some weaknesses in the fencing that I have,  but I think we have that dialed in.  Anyway, if you are looking for a new puppy Colorado Canine Rescue is a great source.

Please visit their website at http://coloradocaninerescue.org/